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The King Of Queen

According to the Animation Guild Blog, Chris Buck is now slated to direct The Snow Queen. The film had previously been under the guidance of a number of other directors during its tortured development cycle in the earlier part of this decade. Buck previously directed Tarzan for Disney and Surf’s Up for Sony.

Let’s just hope that Princess and the Frog does well enough to earn a green light for some future traditional animation, eh?

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4 comments to The King Of Queen

  • Tee

    The Animation Guild blod isn’t the one reporting Chris Buck is directing Snow Queen. They’re just confirming a question someone had. The site that revealed Chris Buck was directing Snow Queen is the Blue Sky Disney blog. Just wanted to clear that up and give ‘em credit. They also revealed that Rich Moore was directing Joe Jump.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for the info! I went with the Guild blog because I like to have it officially from someone who’s been in the building and can offer a first-hand account. Then if it winds up being wrong I can point to someone by name that steered me wrong. :)

  • zay

    I say, do you know if any animators are on board this picture yet? Glen Keane, for example, seems to be too busy with Rapunzel as the animation director to be working on Winnie the Pooh, so Snow Queen seems to be a good fit for him.

  • I actually don’t know who is on this film so far. Hopefully someone in the know will chime in with some information… ?

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