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Inside Out! Episode 3

It’s been quite some time since we’ve tuned in for an episode of Walt Disney World Inside Out, so for some Friday night viewing let’s turn back the clock to 1994 for another round of awkward, awkward, awkwardness and 90s style.

Episode three, from August of 1994, brings us a vague sports theme meant to tie in to the debut of the All-Star Sports Resort. There are tennis gags and golf gags, which I assume can be attributed to last-minute rewrites by Card Walker. We get a look at a number of new attractions, including Muppet*Vision 3D (with an appearance by Kermit himself), Innoventions at “Epcot ’94” (featuring the SEGA arcade!), and The Legend of the Lion King, which, weirdly, is referred to here as “The Lion King – Live on Stage”. There’s also a peek behind the scenes at the Fantasy in the Sky fireworks show, as well as a big dose of the aforementioned awkwardness.


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