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Inside Out! Episode 4

For your Friday night viewing…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an episode of Walt Disney World Inside Out. I have thus deprived you of the opportunity to see host Scott Heriott belittle World Showcase cast members with awkward racist jokes, and to see Howie Mandel stalk and harass confused guests at the Disney-MGM Studios. But don’t worry, because now I’m here to take care of all that.

Today’s episode comes from September 1994, and takes us around Epcot 94’s World Showcase – kind of – as well as to other locations around Walt Disney World. After stops to annoy people at Star Tours, and a quick drive through the Disney-MGM Studios Backlot Tour, we head to the Magic Kingdom for a look at the Mickey Mania Parade – a parade about which I had strong opinions, which I do not feel the need to go in to at the moment. Look at the footage and try and figure it out for yourself.

Perhaps the most interesting stop is at Ye Olde Discovery Island out in Bay Lake, back when it was still open. Not only do we get a look at the Island’s animal life, but we’re shown around by Kym Murphy. At this point Murphy was the Disney corporate vice president for environmental policy, but he had previously worked with Imagineering on the Living Seas pavilion. He was also a key player in the creation of Port Disney, the spectacular unbuilt theme park complex once planned for Long Beach, California. Murphy is a welcome presence here, as he is actually quick on his feet and funny, and keeps the host in check for once.

Oh, and we visit Innoventions. Because we always visit Innoventions.

So pile on the couch and get your uncomfortable international stereotypes ready – it’s time for Walt Disney World Inside Out!

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