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Speaking of TRON: Legacy

Disney has released a brief video clip featuring a taste of the film’s score by French electronica duo Daft Punk. I’m still kind of irritated that Wendy Carlos isn’t involved, but I have to say that Daft Punk proved a logical selection. The piece, Derezzed, is accompanied in this video by several scenes from the film. Take a look:

While I am indeed looking forward to this film in all its geeky, Tron-y, Jeff Bridges-y glory, I have to say that it almost looks too “normal” compared to the original film. It doesn’t have quite the same washed-out, otherworldly, liquid neon feel and too often the characters look like “regular” humans in (admittedly awesome) costumes. Where are the weird glowing leotards and hockey helmets? The faceless sentinels with the stun rods? The pools of liquid energy and, of course, Bit?

Don’t get me wrong – I’m over the moon about this and it looks totally insane, but I’d still love to see some real aesthetic links to the 1982 film. Maybe they’ll make us old nerds happy with a few scenes set in the “old server.” Give me that, the original TRON theme, and a remake of the CGI scene that was shown in the World of Motion speedroom at EPCOT and I’ll be good to go.

TRON: Legacy arrives soon… December 17th, 2010.

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4 comments to Derezzed

  • Robin

    There are definite glimpses of WD’s Progress City/Epcot from the Tronworld I noticed, check out the central core in the posters, it’s almost identical.

  • RO93461

    I REALLY hope this does well. It seems kinda pretentious and alot to buy into.

  • I know… I was thinking yesterday that despite all the hype that’s going out over the internet 24/7, the odds aren’t good for this becoming a blockbuster. The trailers look like sweet sweet candy to me, but when you try and see it through the eyes of people who haven’t seen TRON (which is, sadly, the vast majority) it must be nearly incomprehensible. Then again, maybe more people at least know the premise than I give them credit for. Or maybe eye candy is enough to get people in theaters, even if they don’t really understand what it’s about.

    Robin: I’m hoping for lots of visual references like that! Of course, I still think that on these sci-fi films Disney should be using Spaceship Earth instead of Cinderella Castle in the opening logo :)

  • bubbagoes2anaheim

    You have got to see the 8 or 9 minute preview showing at DCA in the Muppet Theater at night. It takes full advantage of the incredible, truly surrounding sound system that is installed there, plus the wind effects and in-house lighting that matches what is going on in the movie. At the end, everyone very vocally expresses how much they can’t wait for this movie – young and old. It captures enough of the original and has something for the youth of today. It would be really great to see it in 3D, with surround sound, and lighting and wind effects in every theater… if only they could.
    Geeks young and old will be pleased, it seems. (And they are already promoting the heck out of this.)

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