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6 comments to Dateline: Disney – The Disney Decade, 1990

  • At the end when it says “We’ll keep you updated on these projects in future Dateline: Walt Disney World” All I could think of was some guy droning, canceled cause he died, canceled cause it bombed, canceled just cause, canceled, canceled, canceled”

  • Brian

    very, very interesting…
    well, the hotels got built at least. Because hotels make money.

    But that roller coaster behind the Boardwalk – ugh.

    I can tell the plans weren’t very far along for Russia & Switzerland -more of a “see, you should sign the paperwork so we can get going since we’re already telling the world about your pavilion.”

    “It’s a backstage look at how movies are made – except all of the information is wrong” – awesome.

  • Anton

    I remember seeing all the Disney Decade artwork up at the welcome center in Ocala. Really looked like they were going to pull out all the stops. Oh well.

    I find the guy’s pronunciation of “Port Orleans” oddly precise. I know lots of people outside of the city who say “New Or-LEANS” and everyone I’ve met in the city always said “New AW-lins” (or rather, “NAW-lins”), so this guy’s insistence on “Port OR-le-uns” sounds forced.


    Let’s start a petition.

  • LOL @ “It’s a backstage look at how movies are made – except all of the information is wrong”

    Anton – THANK YOU for mentioning his weird pronunciation of New Orleans. I had noticed that and meant to include it in the article but forgot. Very random – didn’t anyone in the recording studio ask for a second take? Hehe…

    PS. I want all these things still. And I’m still mad about Swolphin ruining the EPCOT sightlines.

  • Cool find! Though it’s sad that here we are twenty years later and STILL no new countries have entered World Showcase.

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