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Hey, Look, It’s Mystic Manor

Imagineering model of Mystic Manor for Hong Kong Disneyland, D23 Expo, 2009

Hey, remember when this was happening? Yeah, I keep forgetting too.

While we’re here, we might as well have a few more pictures…

Storyboard art depicts the various show scenes in sequence from the Mystic Manor attraction
Storyboards depicting the second half of Mystic Manor’s show scenes
Model of Mystic Point land for Hong Kong Disneyland, featuring Mystic Manor and the Adventurers’ Club

In the above model of “Mystic Point”, Mystic Manor is on the left and the new “Adventurers’ Club” is on the right. For reference, Adventureland is in the foreground, Toy Story Land is off-camera to the right, and “Grizzly Trail” is off-camera to the left.

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7 comments to Hey, Look, It’s Mystic Manor

  • OK reading that now it sounds like it was an intended burn. No burn intended. I’m just more likely to forget about things when they’re happening in Hong Kong, that’s all.

    That, and I was looking through my pictures and came across this one and thought I would post it. So there. I’m sleepy.

  • I love the onion cupola. It’s so randomly (and distinctively) Russian in the midst of all that Victoriana.

    I’m also trying to figure out the double staircase at the front. Purely decorative, or splitting a queue? There’s only one entrance shown; would the left queue have doubled around the left porch and then come in the visible door, while the right came around the outside of the right-hand porch to a door we can’t see?

    That’s pure speculation from a rank amateur, I’m afraid. :) But I’d love to know if you have (or anyone else has) more information on that. :)

  • teehee

    remember when you still haven’t posted you’re number one dream idea for… ehm.. the year… 2009… yeah, me neither.

    coughcough no wait yes we do :) coughcough
    just a reminder..

  • RO93461

    What ever happened to the art form of “forced perspective” and scaling down as you go up? This looks like a beyond full scale house. The tower roof alone is the size of the first two floors.

    Onion dome and scale is better here on this example.

  • Wow. Now that you’ve pointed it out that’s all I can see. That top tower *is* way off scale. If you block it out with your hand, the entire character of the house changes. That’s actually pretty remarkable. It’s one of those things a layperson wouldn’t notice, but it makes a crucial difference.

    I like the concept of the onion dome, though. That picture you linked to is absolutely gorgeous. That’s a spectacular house.

    teehee: I hear you :)

  • Mark W

    Is it just me, or does a casual glance at the concept art suggest that they may be drawing inspiration from the very first concept that would eventually become the HM – the “Museum of the Weird?” Admittedly, it doesn’t really seem to have the same character or tone as what little we know about musem of the weird, but the whole thing does look very museum-esque…

  • Ed

    The split staircase is just for show. Actually I believe the whole building is just for show and the entrance is down at ground level with the show building below/behind the building shown in the model. It’s very much like the FL version of the haunted mansion where the “mansion on the hill” only has the upper half of the stretch rooms. There may be high spaces in the queue/ boarding area that extend into this building, I’m not sure.

    Here’s a layout I made from a photo of the model that was at D23

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