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Diggin’ In Hong Kong Disneyland

A model of the three Hong Kong Disneyland mini-land expansions from the 2009 D23 Expo

Before the holidays, Hong Kong Disneyland posted a rather triumphant video showing the construction that is currently underway in that park. The massive expansion site sits outside the park’s berm, and will contain three mini-lands: Grizzly Trail, Mystic Point and Toy Story Playland (ugh). It’s always exciting to see earth being moved in a Disney park, even if I don’t speak a word of Chinese. At least everyone seems really excited!

You’ll find the video below. After that, I’ve included some pictures from 2009 of models and artwork for the Big Grizzly Mountain Coaster. It looks like it should be a fairly entertaining ride, as wacky animatronic bear gags are always welcome. We’ve shown artwork for Mystic Manor in a previous post; for Toy Story Playland you’re on your own. You can see the model in the video, though, which just goes to show how badly it will screw up the park’s sightlines. Those parachute towers will look great from the Jungle Cruise! The other new areas look pretty nifty, though, so check it out:

This map of the Hong Kong Disneyland expansion shows the three new themed areas
Another view of the expansion model
This model of Grizzly Trail shows its site outside the berm and the path of the Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad.
The Big Grizzly Mountain Coaster is the only attraction in this land, and its ride system will resemble a fusion of Big Thunder Mountain and Expedition Everest
A model of Grizzly Gulch, the small town that will sit next to Big Grizzly Mountain. This area will include a water play area (aka public bathing facilities).
Concept art for the water play area comes from the “people aggressively having cartoony fun” school
Concept art depicts various show scenes in the Big Grizzly Mountain Coaster
A close-up of the maquette shows a bear scratching against the track switch, which apparently sends guests veering off on the wrong course
Development art shows various character studies for the bear animatronics and several proposed gags
Concept art shows more show scenes from the ride, as guests careen past dynamite and explosions
Model of the track ascent depicts the show scene where the bear scratches on the track switch, sending guests off course

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