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D23 – Day One

Well, last night I’d written you a nice, rambling summary of my first day at D23. Then my accursed computer ate it. So, my witty musings will have to be cobbled back together later. Needless to say, it was quite a shindig. Bob Iger kicked things off well – he’s really quite good at working a crowd. Funny, too. There were legendary Imagineers, Tony Baxter being nice enough to endure the ramblings of a starstruck fanboy (me), and an amazing musical performance by Dick Sherman. The screening of the boys: the sherman brothers’ story was striking; the movie is really superb and everyone reading this should see it at the first possible opportunity.

There was also the first 30 minutes of Princess and the Frog; much more on that later.

So, all good so far. Check my twitter feed for some select pictures that I posted last night, including the massive Carsland model and the excellent-looking Mystic Manor. Lots to do today, so away I go…

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