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EPCOT Update…

Just an update for those interested in D23’s EPCOT Center 30th Anniversary Celebration; tickets did indeed go on sale this morning but the higher-tier tickets (which included an evening dessert party) sold out almost immediately. In well under a minute, apparently. The good news is that $65 tickets remain for purchase, and those offer all the same information and historical goodness at a fraction of the calories.

Speaking as an EPCOT nerd, it’s nice to see such interest. This kind of goes back to what I said when the Citrus Swirl and the Orange Bird returned; the better such geek-friendly things perform, the more we’ll get of them. And hopefully Epcot park management will see the success of this event and try to capitalize on it with a slate of activity on the 1st…

And then they’ll announce the return of Horizons, World of Motion, and Journey into Imagination, right? RIGHT????

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4 comments to EPCOT Update…

  • Sigh. Would have been nice to eat creme brulee with Marty Sklar in the SSE lounge. I knew I should have camped out for those tickets.

    We might look back at the WDW 40th Destination D event as a watershed. If that had bombed, I don’t think you’d see the Orange Bird out of mothballs, or this nerd-centric offering for the EPCOT (sic) 30th.

    Glad to see you’re writing more these days, btw. Keep the hits coming!

  • Sean O

    Don’t need Journey Into Imagination back, we need Journey Into Your Imagination gone. And something with a plan built instead.

    But, we do need ImageWorks reopened. Because why on earth is it closed?

  • Mark W

    Honestly, Journey Into Imagination is the one attraction from 1982 EPCOT Center where I wouldn’t be at all disappointed if it returned in its exact original form. It is very much a timeless classic dark ride – EPCOT Center’s Pirates of the Caribbean/Haunted Mansion. The fact that they got rid of it when it wasn’t at all dated for the crapola that’s there now is a travesty.

    Horizons and World of Motion would both need at least some updating if they were return to WDW today; content-wise if not the attraction technology (but hopefully both).

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