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Alert the MCP…

The first video has leaked from Disney’s panel last Thursday at San Diego’s Comic Con, during which they showed a three minute teaser for the heretofore rumored sequel to the 1982 film TRON. The video is, of course, somewhat hard to see and poorly framed, but it gives an unexpectedly good idea of the aesthetic they’re going for with the project and was enough to get me thoroughly excited. I daresay that had I been in the room when that lightcycle first appeared I would have lost my business entirely. The video, while it lasts:

UPDATE: The original video was taken off YouTube by Disney stormtroopers. Below is another, zoomed version of the first.

UPDATE x4: I keep trying to re-post the video as Disney takes it down, but for the moment it can just be found here.

I know it’s a friendly audience, but it’s still great to hear that roar go up when the crowd realizes what they’re seeing. If Disney was trying to test the waters with this one, I hope they got the message.

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