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The Princess and the Frog and the Website

Well, color me surprised. Disney has gone live with their website for next year’s The Princess and the Frog. The site features a brief teaser for the film; it doesn’t show actual scenes from the movie itself but rather breaks the fourth wall to give a sense of the film’s humorous tone and New Orleans atmosphere. This atmospheric vibe is fantastic, from the Blue Bayouesque fireflies blinking in the website background to the wonderful color styling and backgrounds of the teaser itself. Oh sweet traditional animation, how easy you are on the eyes. Exciting stuff.

One more thing of note – Tiana makes reference to the original fairy tale, insinuating that this is not a direct re-telling but rather takes place in a world where the original story is well-known. Also notice how that firefly might possibly give me nightmares.

I can’t wait to see this one – here’s hoping they pull it off.

In an unrelated aside, this is the site’s 100th post. Happy centenary, everyone!

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