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One week more…

Seriously. I’m so freaking excited about this.

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2 comments to One week more…

  • I’m not quite getting the hyper-excitement around this film. It certainly doesn’t look bad, and I’m not saying it couldn’t be great…but I’m just feeling indifferent. More excited than “Cars”, to be sure, but a lot less excited than “The Incredibles.”

  • I guess it’s all just a point of personal preference and, for me, an escalating excitement based on Pixar’s continuing track record. I was definitely anticipating “The Incredibles” at the time of its release, but even at that time we had yet to see the heights Pixar could reach.

    I try not to delve too deeply into hyperbole, but “Ratatouille” absolutely blew me out of the water when I first saw it. To me, it’s an absolute culmination of everything animation is best at when used correctly and by far my favorite theatergoing experience ever with an animated film.

    Admittedly, I’m biased in favor of WALL-E because it’s Pixar’s first stab at hard sci-fi, and I have a predilection for the genre. From the first simple trailer, though, I’ve known that the guys at Pixar were going to throw everything they had at the screen and, now that I know the heat they’re packing, I fully expect to be blown away.

    I also think that WALL-E truly shows the potential of animation, in that it centers around a completely inorganic object and imbues it with such personality that other studios with their photorealistic pooting animals could only dream of. WALL-E himself is a representation of a metal, inhuman object that really only exists in some server in Emoryville, yet he manages such a range of expression and character – it’s really what Pixar does best.

    I’m an enormous fan of expressing character with the minimal amount of extraneous detail as possible – to me, any comedy can be made funnier by using puppets. There’s something about stripping away the chaff of expression and conveying a complex emotion or thought with the smallest possible gesture that I love. So I guess you could say that WALL-E is something of a perfect storm of my favorite things.

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