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Woody’s Roundup 10-27-2007

Hi all,

I’m going to try and regularly post links to interesting or newsworthy stories from around the tubed intarwebs. Here’s your first batch for weekend reading:

- Kevin Yee gives some thoughts on MiceAge about the dividing line between nostalgia and stagnation at the Magic Kingdom.
- Cartoon Brew has the list of cities and dates for showings of Leslie Iwerks’ newest must-see documentary The Pixar Story.
- Rotten Tomatoes interviews Brad Bird about Ratatouille, John Lasseter about Pixar in general, and Fred Willard (!) about WALL-E – he’ll be the first ever live-action actor in a Pixar film.
- Duck fan builds Money Bin. Nice.
- Remember cute lil’ Bobby Driscoll from Song of the South and Treasure Island? Well…

- Re-Imagineering drops the truth bomb on recent Disney promotional art – something I found hilarious since I had thought the same thing. Herb Ryman, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you…

- And something special just for Ol’ Beacon Joe…

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