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Still Cookin’


Despite all appearances, we haven’t packed up and moved out of town. Things have been pretty hectic in that pesky “real world” ; I don’t know how you crazy kids keep it up with your blogging and hula hoops and dungarees and what-not with your twenty-two skiddo and Stutz Bearcats and the sock hops and such…

Anyway, I wanted to drop in to offer congratulations to Brad Bird and company for Ratatouille‘s Academy Award win last night. The film, nominated for five awards, won the Oscar for Best Animated Picture of the year. Frankly, I’m bewildered as to how it didn’t win for Sound Mixing and Sound Editing, and I’m terribly disappointed that the brilliant Michael Giacchino didn’t win for Best Score. Still, Best Animated Film isn’t chump change and we wish Bird and co. the absolute best on his next project, 1906. See some of Bird’s Oscar comments here.

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