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Rat D’Or

Le Meilleur RatLike most of the civilized world, you might have missed that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association released the list of this year’s Golden Globe winners today. Unable to produce their usual televised ceremony due to actors’ unwillingness to cross the WGA picket lines, the awards were announced during a press conference.

The point of all this is that Ratatouille was awarded Best Animated Film of the year, besting Bee Movie (oy) and The Simpsons Movie. It’s just the most prominent in a series of awards for the best-reviewed movie of the year. Not bad for such a massive disappointment, eh JHM? Next up, Oscar… If there were any justice the film would be nominated for Best Picture but no doubt it will be relegated to the ghetto of Best Animated Picture. Nevertheless, the recognition is welcome and congratulations are in order for Brad Bird and crew.

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