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Continuing our recent theme of all things Star Tours, here’s the press conference that coincided with the ride’s January 9th, 1987 debut. The event features Dick Nunis, George Lucas, Michael Eisner, Marty Sklar, and Jeffrey Katzenberg, although the good Mr. Katzenberg seems to appear very little in this edited video.

There’s a lot here that is interesting, and retroactively ironic, from the discussion of George’s plans for future Disney attractions and updates to the Star Tours ride films, to Eisner’s desire to sign Lucas to a film deal. All this talk, so long ago, for things that would finally come to pass almost 30 years later. Also amusing is how Eisner kind of gets mad at Marty for giving shout-outs to individual Imagineers; apparently he was afraid that some competitor would buy them off if their identities became public? Someone should have told him that we all knew perfectly well who Tony Baxter was, even way back in 1987!

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