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L’Omlette Superb!

Carousel of Progress Act IV, 1981

The other day on The Twitter™ I commented that Disney should have a special event featuring a three-course meal based on the food that Father is cooking in the three different finales the Carousel of Progress has presented since 1975. In Act IV of Walt Disney World’s original 1975 Carousel, he’s making chili. In the 1993 version he’s making turkey (the meal would also, of course, feature a side order of frozen pizza). And in the 1981 version he’s making his legendary L’Omelette Superb avec Jambon.

The omelette was such an odd flourish that it always stuck in my young mind and has always remained my signature memory of the 1981 version of the show (runner up would be watching New Year’s at Walt Disney World on the T.V., and the line “I’d like to see the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Europe and the East.”)

Well after an online discussion about L’Omelette Superb, along came Mr. How Bowers with an amazing fact – as Act IV progressed, the computer that Mother was using to control the tree and television actually updated its CRT to match the events of the show. And even more amazingly, it actually called up the recipe for L’Omelette Superb for all to see! At least, those with a telephoto lens and a keen eye. Read the recipe at his blog, and make it yourself! Mmm… tastes like 1981! And share pictures if you do…

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