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Happy Birthday Walt!


Today we observe the 112th anniversary of Walt Disney’s birth. Interestingly, the day has brought a couple of new venues which seek to explore the life of the filmmaker.

First, the always-excellent Walt Disney Family Museum has announced a new podcast, focusing on all things Walt. Its first episode was released today, and can be streamed from the Family Museum website (iTunes support will arrive soon). This premiere podcast features what will sadly be the last interview with Diane Disney Miller, as well as a conversation with producer Don Hahn about Christmas with Walt, a film he produced and directed exclusively for the Museum.

In somewhat more surprising news, a Kickstarter campaign was announced today by the individuals who had previously purchased Walt’s birthplace in Chicago, Illinois. Long neglected, with residents who had previously sought to avoid historical landmark status, the house had even been put up for sale on eBay with no buyers. Now in the hands of Dina Benadon and Brent Young, the house is slated for a complete restoration and renovation, although plans remain vague about the residence’s future usage.

The simple two-story house was designed and built by Walt’s parents, Elias and Flora, between 1892-93. Roy, Walt, and Ruth Disney were all born there, before Elias sold the house and the Disneys moved to Marceline, Missouri, in 1906.

You can learn more and donate to the project via Kickstarter, where there is also a lengthy list of rewards for those who donate.

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