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Donald Takes A Holiday

Here, for a little diversion, is a special that aired on the syndicated “Wonderful World of Disney” show back in 1986 (although it aired in my market in early January, 1987). It’s Donald Takes A Holiday, a compilation of vacation-themed Donald shorts with a new narration tying them together. There’s no particular historical significance here; it’s just always good to see the Duck in action.

And yeah, I left the commercials in, because they were too good to cut out.

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1 comment to Donald Takes A Holiday

  • Cherri Hanks

    Thank you sooo much for posting this. I have been looking for it for a long time. My grandma recorded if off TV and my little brother and I watched it hundreds of times when we were little. This brings back that happy little kid feeling. How can I get a copy of this onto DVD?

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