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I Want To Go To There

Occasionally you come across a bit of old video that you don’t even remember directly but it stirs some primeval memory deep within and you just know you’ve seen it – probably a million times – long, long ago. This is one of those videos.

I’m not sure, but I believe this appeared on some Disney home video releases – perhaps at the end of the tape after a movie. They used to do stuff like this; weird little promos and things were tagged onto the end, and they always evoke vivid memories even if you haven’t seen them in twenty years.

It helps that the video, although painfully short, is just so, so cool. This is the Walt Disney World I remember – the low-lying fog on those early Florida mornings on the way to breakfast aboard the Empress Lilly before making it to rope-drop at the parks. Taking the train around, the wet pavement, the horse trolley… this video is just remarkably evocative of all that and it’s why it’s one of my favorites. You even get a look at the old Mark IV monorails with the trademark “cla-clunk!” of their doors.

Watching this video makes me think I could step off that monorail again and ride 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea or Horizons one more time…

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