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Around The Web: Hash ‘N’ Gravy ‘N’ Strategic Bombing Edition


A few updates…

First, Jeff Kurtti brings us an absolutely amazing story about Walt Disney’s favorite foods. I probably find this way more funny than is reasonable, but that list of foods is just amazing. Stock up on gravy, but please remember: one vegetable only! The idea of Walt as such a picky eater is just hilarious; the notion of this grand mogul getting stroppy because his wife served something with whipped cream is remarkable. And who doesn’t like cake? Honestly? It’s cake, Walt! I feel as if I could change his mind about cake, given time. Maybe not.

But as much as a few of his menu items put me off (V-8 juice and canned peas? Shudder…), Walt and I do share one great love: chili. That man loved chili, and as an inveterate chiliphile I applaud his commitment. Oh for a time machine; first stop would be an afternoon of backyard railroading while chili slow-brewed in the kitchen. No smoking allowed. I have convinced myself that he would, in fact, love my chili and we would be BFF forever after.

Anyway, it’s an interesting story and kind of a great insight into Disney’s life.

Kurtti’s most recent story is about Walt’s dealings, over the years, with Scotland. There are more Disney studio ties to Scotland than you might think, and a great number of under-appreciated and under-exposed films from Walt’s day that were filmed there. (Include saucy comment about Susan Hampshire here.)

The last thing to check out is my most recent podcast guest spot, this time on Mousterpiece Cinema. It’s exactly what you’ve all, no doubt, been waiting for – me discussing the 1943 Disney animated feature Victory Through Air Power! This rarely-seen propaganda piece was part of a major push to convince American military leaders to consider the benefits of strategic air power during an age when the War Department was unconvinced about the efficacy of air combat. It’s a fascinating piece of Disney history and one that the company itself tends to forget; despite being a Disney animated feature, it has been omitted from the “official” list of Disney animated features. I tend to believe they need to remedy that oversight, but that’s a discussion for another day. Head on over to Mousterpiece Cinema for more about the film.

PS. Some day I want to write a 10,000 word essay about that picture of Walt and the salad. There’s just so much to say.

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