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A Musical Souvenir

The biggest thing to emerge on the Disney historical front during my recent blogging absence was the release, on Passport to Dreams Old and New, of A Musical Souvenir of Walt Disney World. This remarkable two and a half hour audio collection provides an aural tour of the Magic Kingdom circa some time in the late 1970s.

There are occasions when you see people put out things that amaze you – things that depend on some remarkable “find” while digging through old documents, or some never before seen picture or piece of artwork. Then there are those that come from people simply working really hard to put together a ton of research into some huge project, whether it’s a book, or an art project, or a video. Then you see something that not only took meticulous, obsessive execution but also the uncovering of facts that you didn’t even thing could be uncovered – info that, surely, was lost to the ages. And that’s what this collection is.

So go to Foxx’s site and download; don’t miss out on the wonderful “retro” booklet and also the copious additional notes available for those of us who wonder just how, exactly, this thing got made. Then listen over and over and over; I certainly have. If You Had Wings! The Electrical Water Pageant! It’s all there.

And one more thing. If you feel like your everyday surroundings are a little drab and humdrum, why not spice them up with these MAPO stickers that Foxx also recently released? It will turn that boring card table into an IMAGINEER-MADE card table in a matter of minutes!

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3 comments to A Musical Souvenir

  • Kurt Miller

    Now we all need to bug her to create the same thing, only Epcot 1982!

  • philphoggs

    The program is superb and unique,even a slice of its worth demonstrates how subtly fantastic the BGM was. The clear MIA sounds of current and lost attractions are also a real treat.
    OK, it’s time to fly Space Ranger with this IYHW mp3 and see how many “points” it scores.

  • I had to download this as soon as I saw it. Very cool! Of course, my attempt to download it through the Zeether failed… :)

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