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Good News For People That Love Old Things!

Fantastic news emerged yesterday for fellow Disney history buffs and Fans of Walt (TM). It turns out that Jeff Kurtti, prolific (to say the least) author, historian, former adviser to the Walt Disney Family Museum, producer of fabulous DVD content back when Disney actually released DVDs worth buying, and general all-around swell guy has signed on to do a weekly (for the time being) column for Disney Insider.

For his first essay, Kurtti ties in Disney’s new musical Newsies to Walt’s own paper-delivery past in Kansas City. This was a very formative time in Walt’s life, and as you’ll see it affected him for decades to come.

It’s incredibly exciting that we’ll now be getting weekly essays from Kurtti, so be sure and bookmark the site and check in regularly.

Now, feel free to use the comments section to demand that Disney Editions publish an updated release of Kurtti’s Since the World Began! Heaven knows I hear people asking for it all the time…

Update: In the comments below Nate Parrish points out something I meant to mention. There does not appear to be an RSS feed on the Disney site for these articles, nor a “homepage” where all of Kurtti’s “Wonderful World of Walt” articles are aggregated. I know that Disney’s web presence has, historically, tended to be a little “last generation” in its approach, but if they want to drive readership and keep it consistent they really, really need to add the little things like an RSS feed. That’s just a given anymore; every tween’s Tumblr has one. Hopefully it’s something they’ll get around to doing sooner rather than later – that way they won’t be relying on social media to get the word out every single time they publish something!

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