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The Dream Called EPCOT

In 1981, The Walt Disney Story – the attraction which once occupied the area in the Magic Kingdom where the Town Square Theater currently resides – took a brief absence as its queue, theater area, and postshow area were appropriated to become The EPCOT Center Preview Center. In the year leading up to EPCOT’s October, 1982 opening, the Preview Center invited the public to view concept art and models of the new park, and presented a short film detailing the park’s offerings.

This is that film – The Dream Called EPCOT. In it you can hear a number of early versions of familiar EPCOT songs, as well as one – the Sherman Brothers’ Reach for New Horizons – that was never used in the park. There’s also some fabulous animation which brings some of the very familiar concept art to life; it makes me wish we could see an animated film which takes place in Horizons!

Did you work at WED and see yourself anywhere in this footage? Let us know!

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