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And Now, Some Stills From Wreck-It Ralph

A few pieces of art have emerged from Disney animation’s upcoming (and awkwardly-named) 2012 release, Wreck-It Ralph. The computer-rendered film tells the story of an 8-bit era video game villain in the Donkey Kong vein who has to deal not only with living in the modern digital world but also the fact that his heart just isn’t in villainy anymore. It’s a film that has been in turnaround a few times (its original titles was Joe Jump, and then Reboot Ralph) and its original creator has since left the company, but the story reels that were shown at the D23 Expo in 2011 were quite promising.

Wreck-It Ralph arrives in theaters on November 2nd, 2012.

Wreck-It Ralph glumly contemplates the building which he is tasked to destroy day in and day out


"Hero's Duty", a modern "Halo"-esque shooter, is one of the more modern games that Ralph escapes into in his quest to become a hero


"Sugar Rush" is a kart racing game into which Ralph escapes, and it is the source of a threat that will imperil the entire arcade

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4 comments to And Now, Some Stills From Wreck-It Ralph

  • FigmentJedi

    Hoping we get a trailer soon.

  • Adam, "MarkTwain"

    Beautiful artwork; really shows off the many diverse artistic styles that the story of the film allows. It should be a pretty intriguing plot, kind of mirroring the Pixar formula of a character searching for purpose. Hopefully the final look of the film, although digital, maintains at least some of the warmth of the concept art.

    • Hopefully so. The stuff they showed at D23 was really promising, and I’ve heard from people who have seen more since and it’s uniformly positive. Crossing fingers…

      (Although I want some hand-drawn animation soon, Disney…)

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