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It’s. Still. There.

You might recall my recent post recounting the discovery of the strangest thing I’ve ever seen at Walt Disney World – the toilet paper tree in the window of the jewelry store on the New York Street at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. You should remember, at least, as it was one of the most widely-read stories I’ve written in ages; I’m actually starting to worry about you people, considering two of my most commented on and popular stories have been about a toilet paper tree and the the fabled bathrooms of Denmark.

Anyway, I regrettably waited more than a year after my amazing two-ply revelation before sharing it with you, and considering the absolutely insane nature of the display I assumed that it simply had to have been long-gone by this point. After all, if you assume something is a deranged display cobbled together by the evening maintenance staff on a dare, you wouldn’t think it would last long. You wouldn’t think.

So imagine my shock, when after my story people began to send word that – almost two years later – the toilet paper tree was still there.

No, seriously.


The Twitter machine soon lit up with photos and messages sent directly from the Toilet Paper Tree itself; it has since become a meeting-place of sorts for enlightened locals and vacationers alike. And it’s seen even more traffic recently as holiday park-goers flock to the Studios to see the Osborne Family Lights, the decorations surrounding the Tree’s jewelry store window underlining the fact that someone – perhaps many people – absolutely had to have noticed that this was in their park as they decorated.

Isn’t it fancy now, though?

Look at the festoons!!

Apparently it’s no prank, folks. At least not officially. Walt Disney Imagineering can now count itself as the organization that both created Horizons and the Toilet Paper Tree. Wonder if there’s concept art? Maybe it’ll make it into the next edition of their coffee table book.

One more thing – since people are absolutely brilliant, someone was awesome enough to set up the Toilet Paper Tree as a check-in location on the social media application Foursquare. If you use Foursquare on your mobile device, be sure to check in at the Toilet Paper Tree the next time you’re in the park! There’s a heated battle to see who will be mayor of the Toilet Paper Tree, so don’t forget to check in.

Oh Studios, you do make me laugh. At you, not with you.

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