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Kickstart the Progress City Primer

Trippy Tomorrowland

“Modcinema” on YouTube emailed me to let me know of some “remix” videos they’d created using, in part, footage from the Progress City YouTube Channel. Modcinema has its own channel, which you should absolutely check out post-haste because it is a mindbending cornucopia of midcentury retro-madness; jet-age spy-chic lounge-era cool right on the taupe edge of the 1970s. Hopefully we’ll see more Disney-themed remixes like this one, an absolute humdinger of a piece that turns the New Tomorrowland of 1967 into a trippy trancescape with whirling AstroJets and spiraling PeopleMovers. And a finale in the heart of Progress City!

Then there’s this bit of weirdness – an “LSD Grad Nite” from 1976, which feels like the Manson Family at Disneyland…

And to cleanse the palate, some cool, cool swingin’ lounge with a bevy of bobbing mermaids…

Check out all of Modcinema’s other work at the Modcinema Channel.

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