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Wally Boag, 1920-2011

A far greater tribute than me running my mouth, would be just to take a moment to watch the master at work…

We’ll miss you, Wally. You were one of a kind.

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4 comments to Wally Boag, 1920-2011

  • Tim

    Incredibly sad news. He will be missed. Perhaps the Enchanted Tiki Room redo at the Magic Kingdom will be dedicated to his memory.

  • RO93461

    When I was about 12, me and my friend made the journey to Wally’s house. He lived a short distance from me in Fullerton. We were star struck to see him waxing the kitchen floor minus his toupee in a sweatshirt. At a loss for words, I asked him to recite one of the jokes from the Horseshoe that we did not quite understand. He obliged but thought we were dweebs. He was right and we were in awe. Wally wrote in the park employee newsletter and did so much for the company beyond the show too. He was Walt’s favorite comic for sure.

    “No one sleeps while I’m on” – Wally Boag…. We never did.

  • wokcreative

    He will truly be missed. Glad he got to do his autobiography – such a great book with so many great stories and a full life of entertaining people. Many thanks to him for that.

  • Growing up in California with legends all around must have been bizarre indeed. Pecos Bill mopping the kitchen floor… I wouldn’t have known what to say to him, either.

    Here’s hoping we get a proper restoration of the Tiki Room, and yes – maybe even a return of his barker bird. That would be a nice tribute, eh?

    And perhaps this would be a good time to remember that Florida’s Diamond Horseshoe continues to sit empty to this day…

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