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Selling EPCOT – Germany and Hummel

Sponsors were critical to the creation of Epcot Center, and some of the very first corporations to sign on for the park were German companies. One of the earliest was Goebel, who sponsored the Glas und Porzellan shop in the Germany pavilion. It remained an Epcot presence until 2010, when the shop closed to make way for the Karamelle-Kuche candy store.

So with Epcot Center being such a big deal in 1982, and with sponsors having shelled out admirably for a seat at the table, why not advertise a little bit and get some of that Epcot mojo?

No, that's not at all creepy!

It’s a bold advertising strategy to include one of the scary World Showcase dolls looming over the doorway of your establishment.

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