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Elseworlds – A Different Look At The Polynesian

Tiki Talk has posted this intriguing artwork, which was found, of all places, at a flea market. Apparently the artist made a living in the 1980s doing renderings for architectural firms; he produced this work for a Houston company that was bidding on the contract for a mid-’80s refurb of the Polynesian Resort at Walt Disney World. Obviously, the firm’s proposal was not selected.

I kind of dig this design. I would make some changes – substituting tikis in for the Moai for one – but overall I find the effect far more pleasing than the resort’s current entrance. I like the wide-open layout and the use of greenery, rockwork and moving water. It’s a far more impressive approach than the current design, which routes cars through an inauspicious entrance into a rather unappealing parking lot. It’s not really an atmospheric way to arrive at a “deluxe” resort, especially one whose theming in general is quite appealing and immersive. The design in this artwork is far more welcoming and grand.

And I really dig that sign treatment, too.

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