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A Walk In The Park With Rolly

Imagineer Rolly Crump takes a stroll down Main Street USA at Disneyland

Looking for the perfect last-minute aural stocking stuffer for a fellow Disney fan? Or just eager for some rare Disneyland tales yourself? In either case, you might want to check out this new audio release by long-time Imagineer Rolly Crump.

Crump was one of the first generation of Imagineers, hand-picked by Walt himself to create Disneyland. Rolly contributed to a number of legendary attractions, from the Enchanted Tiki Room to it’s a small world, and his work at WED and elsewhere has influenced a generation of designers. His work continues to be seen at a number of theme parks worldwide.

But besides being a very unique and talented designer, Rolly is also a heck of a storyteller. He has lived the history that the rest of us obsess over, and he was on the ground as the parks we hallow were created. He’s still sharp as a tack and extremely funny, with an iconoclastic streak that results in a refreshing level of candor. This makes him a natural for this kind of project.

Rolly has recorded a fifty-minute walking tour of Disneyland called A Walk in the Park with Rolly Crump. From the site:

“A Walk in the Park with Rolly Crump”, a guided audio tour of Disneyland’s most popular attractions, is filled with historical and entertaining insights, personal touches and heartwarming stories (many of which have never been told before because Rolly is the only one who knows them!) from Rolly’s years working alongside Walt Disney and other Disney Imagineers. Also included in this “scavenger hunt” tour are little known secrets and insider details to look for in such attractions as It’s A Small World, The Haunted Mansion and the Enchanted Tiki Room.

While I haven’t yet heard this new relase, I assure you that it’s worth the price of admission. A Walk in the Park with Rolly Crump is available for download as an MP3 (suitable for listening on a computer or portable music player) for $4.95 or on a mail-order CD for $4.95 + $3 for shipping.

I can guarantee you’ll learn something and have some laughs. Check out this preview:

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9 comments to A Walk In The Park With Rolly

  • Is “flitter” the same as “glitter”?

  • Hehe thanks… apparently there’s more from Rolly on the way soon. Definitely something to look forward to!

  • Since I can’t post it on Rolly’s site, I’ll post it here: he’s charging sales tax for his digital download, which isn’t necessary. (And, in fact, illegal…you’re obviously not supposed to charge tax on items that don’t need it.)

    Regardless, it’s worth it, so I’m happy to chip in $0.45 extra.

  • Listening to the interview now. So far it’s very interesting and well worth the money.

    In addition to the tax thing, the download link wasn’t sent to me until the day after I bought it. Either way, great piece and I recommend it.

  • Eric

    Cool. Just ordered. Hopefully I’ll get the download link tonight – would love to give this to my wife as a stocking stuffer Christmas morning. Thanks for the info – LOVE your site.

  • Thanks for posting the link. I saw it in a few places, but I was sure I would be able to find a handy link at PCUSA.

    I’m looking forward to trying this out when I’m in Disneyland in January!

  • Floyd Norman

    I started at Disney animation in the fifties. Rolly Crump was my first boss. He was a really nice guy – and still is.

  • Glad everyone is enjoying it – I’ve been away for the holidays and have just now been back online to check up on things. I knew that with Rolly involved it would *have* to be entertaining.

    Floyd – thanks for chiming in! Was the art of making pinwheels part of your mandatory training? You’re definitely right – he is a really, really nice guy.

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