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Get On The Magic Bus

“The World Tour introduces you to the fabulous array of vacation activities available at Walt Disney World with a guided, 3 hour long excursion around the entire World.”

Long, long ago when Walt Disney World was billed as the Vacation Kingdom of the World, more emphasis was placed on the recreational opportunities in the resort areas. This led to a variety of swanky opportunities for the hip traveler of the 1970s, from moonlit cruises to hi-tech golf lessons. What better way to introduce visitors, many of whom were no doubt completely unaccustomed to a vacation destination as expansive as Walt Disney World, to the recreation, dining and entertainment experiences available to them than a driving tour of the resort itself?

You’ll really wish you had a time machine for this one – roll up for the Magical Mystery Tour, step right this way!

In 1977 Walt Disney World began offering “The World Tour” – a three hour guided bus excursion that introduced guests to “the fabulous array of vacation opportunities in Walt Disney World.” Guides provided interesting facts about the sights along the way, as well as stories about the resort’s development and some of its “exciting plans for the future.”

Areas covered by the tour included the Polynesian Village, Contemporary and Golf Resort Hotels, River Country, Fort Wilderness, and Lake Buena Vista. At Lake Buena Vista, guests would see the Vacation Villas, Treehouse Villas, Lake Buena Vista Club and the Walt Disney World Village.

For the low, low price of $3 ($1.50 for children 3-11), guests could board that motor coach for “a chance to see more, learn more and explore more of Walt Disney World in three hours than most people can in three days.”

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