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The ever-glamorous Diane Disney Miller

There’s an interesting story at The Telegraph about Diane Disney Miller, who has been granting interviews to mark the 70th anniversary of Fantasia. The piece has some interesting bits about Diane’s perspective on her role in the Disney legacy (I especially enjoyed the story about Walt telling her she shouldn’t take a job as a teenager, since she’d be taking a job from someone who really needed it).

It’s no secret that Diane and her husband, former Disney CEO Ron Miller, have kept an extremely low profile over the years – especially since Miller’s ouster from Disney in 1984. But that has changed in recent years with the long-awaited opening of the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco, something that Diane and her family worked on for years. Diane has therefore been far more public recently and, although Walt’s heirs take the spotlight reluctantly, fans of capital-D Disney and his works should be extremely pleased. When Diane has emerged over the years she’s always been an eloquent spokesperson for Walt and his legacy, and as Disney becomes more of a corporation than a man in the public mindscape it is that much more important that Walt’s family make their presence known.

Also, she and I both like Fantasia best so there’s no disputing good taste.

We can only hope that eventually Ron Miller comes out of Napa to tell his story too. That’s a book that I would read.

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2 comments to Diane

  • RO93461

    The emergence of Diane has done much for the re-humanization of the Disney name. She is the “real” daughter of a “real” man, not a logo. Three cheers for the Museum and all the effort she has made in the correct positioning of her Father’s legacy. If there is anyone Walt would have been proud of, it’s her. Thanks for extending yourself to us.

  • Brian Greer

    It is wonderful about Diane doing what she can.

    I also agree about Ron Miller.

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