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Your Friday Viewing: It All Started With A Mouse – The Disney Story

For your weekend viewing pleasure, courtesy of Progress City Public Access TV…

This classy little documentary was made for the Disney Channel in 1989. It tells the story of Walt’s life, and continues from there through the events of 1984 and beyond. There’s a great deal about Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, which was in production at the time, and which seemed to be a return to the innovation of Walt’s era (never mind that the Roger Rabbit project was originally championed by Ron Miller in the pre-Eisner days).

Anyway, it’s a pretty good bit of television, unusually even-handed in its biography of Walt, and features “talking head” interviews with a number of great Disney artists who are sadly no longer with us. They actually take some time to talk about the process behind the creation of their famous films, and there are a few stories that haven’t been told to death and are worth hearing. The interviews with Eisner and Katzenberg are interesting as well, as they’re in the earlier, humble days and their apparent candor provides an insight that seems so removed from later years when everything went so wrong.

Here’s the special, in six parts.







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