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Agree To Agree… At Last

Could the wait almost be over?

A full year after the Chinese central government signed off on the plans for the park, Disney and the local Shanghai government have signed an agreement to create the joint venture company that will built the new resort. The step was, as seems typical, announced by Shanghai officials in the Chinese press and reluctantly confirmed by Disney. This doesn’t mean everything is ready to go; the central government has to sign off again on the joint venture and various regulatory hurdles must be overcome. It makes one wonder that anything ever gets built there.

The prognosticators had prognosticated that a deal would be signed at the start of this month, following the close of the Shanghai World Expo. For once, they prognosticated correctly.

Now the wait begins again – when will we see some artwork? Although I have to say that this is probably the first Disney theme park to come out of the gates promoting a “pleasant, low-carbon environment.” Please, no diamonds in Disneyland! And leave your buckyballs at home!

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