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Walt Disney Wearing Funny Hats

Here, courtesy of the events at Destination D, are a series of pictures of Walt Disney in funny hats. This seems to have happened more often than one might think – the Wonderful World of Color shows are often a rich source of Walt Disney in funny hats.

I’m drawn to Walt Disney in funny hats for the same reason that I really enjoy any of the Disney family home movies – Walt’s a real cutup. I wish there was far more film of him in circulation than there is. It’s clear that even though he could be a really serious guy with an extremely stressful life he could also be a total goofball… who enjoyed wearing funny hats.

Yeah, I really don’t have anything of import to say about this. I just love pictures of Walt Disney in funny hats.

This one’s a two-fer. Walt Disney in a funny hat, and Walt Disney riding on a train!
Here’s Walt in a funny straw hat; thankfully, Lillian doesn’t seem to mind!
Walt and a “NextGen” Disney, both in funny and license-appropriate hats!
One of the benefits of being a young Disney is free access to all the funny hats you want (I really like this picture, btw)
The “El Grupo” trip to South America was a goldmine for fans of Walt Disney and funny hats
See? It’s also amazing how much he looks like his nephew Roy E. Disney in this picture.
An example of the ever-elusive “picture of Lillian Disney wearing a funny hat”! Cute picture, too.
I’ll leave you with this, because this might literally be the best thing ever.

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