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Leavin’ On A Jet Plane

The top-secret donut repository of Progress City, U.S.A.

In just a few short hours, Team Progress will be winging our way to scenic Southern California and the former orange groves of Anaheim. The destination? Destination D, the latest D23 joint, as well as a number of other tasks both recreational a research-related.

When Beacon Joe and I aren’t raiding our top-secret donut distributor, we’ll be enjoying the Enchanted Tiki Room the way it was meant to be – under old management and with a garden of Tikis – as well as exploring a truly fantastic Fantasyland. Practically perfect Pirates and magnificent Monte Cristos are also on the docket, along with whipped Doles and bustling rivers of America. And yes, there will be mockery – some in Tomorrowland, but mostly reserved for a barnstorming tour of California Adventure.

In between times, we’ll be talking to some interesting folks and getting the wheels moving on some interesting projects. It’s been quiet around here lately, I know, but hopefully that will cease when I return.

For those who want to follow our exploits on a second-by-second basis, feel free to follow PCUSA on Twitter. And if you want to get us into Club 33 – which would only be fair, seeing as it’s the only chance I’ll get to be there while I’m 33 – just email. Hey, I can try, right?

And away we go…

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