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Listen, Won’t You?

Martin Smith has posted his latest his latest magnum opus, an epic three-part history of The Land at EPCOT. Starting with the pavilion’s creation, it covers in detail the wonderful original 1982 lineup, the mixed bag 1994 remodel, and the truly unfortunate 2005 facelift. Pop some popcorn and settle in!

Part I – 1982

This segment covers the creation and construction of the pavilion, as well as Listen to the Land, Kitchen Kabaret, Symbiosis and The Good Turn restaurant.

Part II – 1994

The pavilion’s first remodel changed the boat ride to Living With the Land and added Food Rocks (ugh) and Circle of Life.

Part III – 2005

A third remodel stripped the pavilion of much of its charm; the intent was to evoke the feeling of an airport terminal, although one wonders if they could find a less friendly environment from which to draw inspiration. A super-max prison? A petrochemical warehouse? Anyway, 2005 also brought Soarin’ to The Land, located where Bonnie Appetit once sang the benefits of good nutrition.

There was an amusing conversation on the Progress City Twitter stream as I watched this – people have fond memories of those old attractions! Free Bonnie Appetit!

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