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6 comments to Dateline: Disney – Parent Trap III, 1988

  • WC

    A long overdue mention of Disney Legend Hayley Mills on this blog. Looking forward to an in-depth posting about her soon. ;-)

  • Funny, I just rewatched this a few weeks ago. Still very entertaining, although I prefer the fourth film “Parent Trap Hawaiian Honeymoon” even more! Gotta admit, I’ve still got a crush on those Creel triplets!

  • RandySavage

    Hey Michael, I’ve joined the blogosphere… I don’t know exactly what I’m doing yet, but linking to this site was one of the first orders of business.

    Check out my site, and, if you deem it worthy, can you add it to your Recommended Destinations sections.

    Here is the link:


  • RO93461

    I love Hayley Mills. Her characterization of Pollyanna was anything but “Pollyanna” esque. A true Disney legend in her own right. The Chalk Garden is worth seeing as well.

  • Haha glad the Hayley Mills fans were pleased. I need to do a piece about Summer Magic… yowza! Although, as a child of the 80s, I have to follow Ed’s lead and admit to a MASSIVE crush on the Creel triplets when I was 11. Somehow, though, I never saw the fourth film when it was on TV! Weird. But yeah, I was obsessed.

    Randy: EXCELLENT!!! You will definitely get a link! Although there goes my hopes of somehow luring you into posting here, which I’ve schemed for ages based on your posts on other boards :) That’s very exciting. Welcome to the blogosphere!

    And Tomy – thanks for the video. It’s so strange to see that expansion area – they didn’t even put up a fence!

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