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The Ryman Centennial: Jack Of All Trades

Oh Buzz, get over yourself…

By 1959, Herb Ryman had been working on Disneyland projects at WED Enterprises for several years. Walt’s studio was always big on cross-pollination, though, and when the Studio side needed a fine art painting done for The Shaggy Dog they called Herb. The film was Disney’s first live-action comedy and I’ve been watching it for years without knowing that the famous painting of the sinister Lucrezia Borgia and her sheepdog was a Ryman work.

Another of Herb’s extracurricular projects in 1959 was the following illustration, posted by the great Kevin Kidney, from an issue of Walt Disney Magazine.

This 1959 illustration by Herb Ryman evokes an era when air travel was not only an adventure but an enjoyable one at that

Walt Disney Magazine was a periodical for young readers with a variety of content related to Disney films and television shows. The above illustration was painted to accompany a story featuring Mickey Mouse Club serial stars “Spin & Marty.”

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