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A Public Service Announcement About The Unbuilt Disney World In Italy

To the considerable number of people running searches for this because they saw it mentioned on an episode of History Channel’s Pawn Stars last night:

There was never a plan to build an “Italian Disney World” in the 1960s, or any other time that I’m aware of. Even when Euro Disney was being planned in the 1980s, the final decision was between Spain and France. So, no Italian Disney World. Ever. Do not entrust your theme park history to the cast of Pawn Stars.

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7 comments to A Public Service Announcement About The Unbuilt Disney World In Italy

  • Jon

    I saw this last night. I knew there was no Italian Disney World, but any idea what the figures really were?

  • “Do not entrust your theme park history to the cast of Pawn Stars.” :)

  • I’m not sure what the figures were, aside from the fact that they were collectible figurines from the 60s. That’s definitely outside my area of expertise. But you could tell by the packaging that they were some sort of retail product.

  • And with those rumors, so too dies my hope for a Prosciutto City.

    Now if only someone would address the unbuilt Italy in Disney World. Looks like there’s plenty of room to build back a little. Perhaps an immersive gondola dark ride? Hmmm.

  • Mmmmm…. Prosciutto City……..

    As for EPCOT Italy, there’s always this:

    But my knowledge of the gondola ride or the Roman ruins/light show is next to nonexistant. Cmon WDI folks – I know you aren’t going to build it, so can’t you leak some salient 1982-era details to me?

  • wow look at that. i didn’t know you had done an extensive article on the subject! That’s probably the thing that irritates me the most with projects. I’m not entirely of the mind that Fantasyland expansion is going to be “for princesses only” because the architecture in the thing looks cool enough to warrant visitation. But i just don’t think projects have necessarily to be of that magnitude to enhance a park. I would love to see EPCOT get enhancements all around, in a DCA-like staggering roll out. Install a new country by the outpost, turn the Odyssey into…something, expand Italy and Japan, fix Imagination. And of course, do something…ANYTHING with Wonders of Life. (Preferably a new concept that’s more in the spirit of the original Future World and not just a thrill ride area)

    But i can’t even convince myself that any of these ideas are more important than them doing similar enhancements/expansion to DHS first, since that park has fast become a half-day experience.

  • Callum

    When they were planning Disney Land they considered putting it on a site close to the border of france/Italy but they couldn’t because the ground was too soft to support such a structure :)

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