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It’s a shame, but a lot of the great Disney-related books are out of print. That makes things occasionally difficult for the researcher or fan who might be just starting their own Disney library. For some time now, I’ve been using Alibris to locate those hard-to-find classics. They stock all the must-haves, like Richard Beard’s famous EPCOT tome, Finch’s The Art of Walt Disney, or Jeff Kurtti’s Since the World Began, as well as a number of very rare volumes such as Windows on Main Street by Van Arsdale France, Walt’s Time featuring the Sherman Brothers, the legendary Disneyland: The Nickel Tour, and even A Brush With Disney, a collection of art by our featured Imagineer Herb Ryman.

I received some discount codes today that I thought I’d pass along; if you’ve been looking for a rare out-of-print book these would be a nice way to get a few dollars off. Just enter the codes at the checkout screen. The discount codes are good until August 2nd.

Happy reading!

VERSO ($2 off $20)
ERRATA ($4 off $40)
ETCH ($6 off $60)
OCTAVO ($8 off $80)
EPHEMERA ($10 off $100)
FLYPAGE ($12 off $120)
GILT ($15 off $150)

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3 comments to Stock Your Shelves…

  • This was very helpful a few years back when I went on a total Disney book binge, buying up a lot of the old books (both the regular releases and some of the cooler souvenir books). I’m still stuck on the Nickel Tour though….can’t justify that much!

  • It really is amazing – I used to agonize trying to find rare things on eBay but you can pretty much find ANYTHING on Alibris. And a lot of time there are some really nice deals. You’re right, though, Nickel Tour is a really hard one to justify! I really don’t understand why it’s out of print. What good does it do the publisher if used copies are going for $300 online?

  • Scott Collins

    I too was reluctant on the Nickel Tour — especially since my primary area of interest is early WDW history. My advise is to make the jump — it is so worth it — simply amazing

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