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Progress City Radio Hour – Episode 3

They said it would never happen, but they were wrong! Here it is – the Progress City Radio Hour: Episode III. The episode features less history and more chatter, but it’s a nice way to get back in the swing of things and we hope you enjoy it.

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14 comments to Progress City Radio Hour – Episode 3

  • WC

    Great stuff and well worth the wait guys! Love the music throughout and the little surprises snuck in at the end. Can’t wait for the next one. Still humming the theme song.

  • dajoflo

    There are no two clearer thinkers on the Disney Airwaves than the Progress City Men. I’m thrilled to hear them again and anxiously await their next lecture! (wish you guys could’ve experienced GloFest… I’d love to hear your personal take on this controversial yet very popular DCA activity!)

  • Another Voice

    Still working my way through your (as usual) excellent podcast, but I had to break in and completely agree with a comment. After visiting Disneyland and then the Walt Disney World, the Magic Kingdom’s Main Street is disturbingly out of scale.

  • Episode Three: Hammer Pants and Festoons. Awesome!!

  • Haha gee whiz guys… thanks a lot! Glad you like the show. I’d kind of like to see GloFest for my own bemusement, but I’m afraid I’d wake up in a strange hotel room with my kidneys removed! I know how things are out there in Kaleyfornia…

    I promise even more festoons for the next episode. Thanks again for the nice words!

  • Smaha

    I’m a dude, and now I can’t wait to go on Prince Charming Regal Carrousel (still called Cinderella’s Golden Carrousel on the official site, by the way). I mean, where else can I get festoons, test my horsemanship AND enjoy my own a happy ending all in one ride?

    And that’s DAME Judy Dench. I agree about her tone, by the way. It’s less “majestic” and more “1989 film strip”, isn’t it?

    Great work guys. We mind-melded on a number of things. Empty Tomorrowland stages, Spaceship Earth time travel tunnel, Soarin’ entrance, Tiki shouting, Eric Idle being licked. Get out of my head….

  • Brian Greer

    I think we probably agree on many things about the parks, and I love the discussion about what goes on there. I feel very strongly about Tomorrowland and Future World, more so than anything else at WDW, and Epcot was (and still is) my favorite park. Like you guys, I am sure that Soarin’ should’ve been put somewhere else. It is a wonderful attraction, but it just doesn’t belong in Future World (or The Land, at that). I have not had the pleasure of attending the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor yet, but I hear that it is fun and the technology is great. Still, I can’t fathom what it has to do with TOMORROWLAND???

    Keep up the great work with this blog and the podcast. I’m going to put a review in over at iTunes as well!

  • Great 3rd Progcast, guys! I was late discovering it. I agree with you about the waterfalls at the DL Hotel. Such a shame. I did three posts in July on my blog about all the things that will be removed from the Hotel, the waterfalls and Koi ponds which both date back to 1979, the shops, bar and restaurants, and the remote control Jungle Cruise boats. Out of all of those things, I wish the waterfalls were staying…especially when you see that they aren’t being replaced with anything but grass.

    You probably know by now that the Rivers of America at DL didn’t receive anything too special during their rehab (I also did a post about that back in May.) The only new figures that have movement are the mother Eagle and her babies and I’m not so sure those are actually “new.” Back in the nineties, the tree next to the burning cabin had A.A.s of a mother Eagle and her babies in a nest

    I think Disney should bring Horizons, Journey Into Imgaination, and Kitchen Kabaret
    back to Epcot. I am not a fan of Mission Space OR Test Track. I’m looking forward to seeing the updated Spaceship Earth!

    Thanks for such a wonderful report!

  • Smaha

    Anyone out there with a suggestion on where to find a nice monthly podcast? Ahem.


  • Smaha

    Maybe “monthly” was too much….every other month? Quarterly? A man can only take so much of “favorite parade viewing location” podcasts. No pressure or anything. :)

  • WC

    We wants da podcast! We wants da podcast! If you can dream it, you can do it! Remember the Magic! But enough of this chit chat, yick yack, and flim flam. Kungaloosh!

  • HA. Well, maybe Jeff and I can think of something to say…

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