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Art On Auction…

This Herb Ryman rendering shows an unbuilt covered bridge proposed for Walt Disney World’s Adventureland

What better way to kick off Herbert Ryman’s centennial month than to take a look at some of his art? And, in a convenient bit of timing, some of his work will go on auction next Thursday, June 10th.

A Ryman concept piece for the entrance to Tomorrowland at Walt Disney World

Auction house Profiles in History is holding a three-day auction; aside from the Ryman pieces there’s… well… pretty much everything. You want lightsabers? Sure. Signed photos of Clara Bow? Why not? Props from Alien? Lottery tickets signed by George Washington? Check and check. I’m not sure how this bizarre collection of ephemera came together, but you can download the massive catalogues here.

Concept painting for EPCOT’s American Adventure

So, if you have some expendable income and are looking to pick up some original pieces by one of Disney’s greatest artists, check out the auction site for more information. And, if you’re feeling generous… I have this glaringly empty space on my wall that’s just begging for something to be hanged there… ahem

This Ryman rendering shows the never-built “Adventures in Science” attraction intended for Tomorrowland in Disneyland

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2 comments to Art On Auction…

  • RO93461

    Glad to see that there is a Herb Ryman month. There is lots to say about and show from Herbie, hopefully the month will bear that out. I’m sure the auctioned art will end up in a good home like maybe the Disney archive!

  • Agreed! Wish I had the cash to pick one up myself, but at the very least I hope they wind up in the hands of someone who won’t just hide them in a house somewhere never to be seen again.

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