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It’s Tina Fey’s Birthday!

Off-topic, you say? Self-indulgent, you say? Oh, wait a sec, let me see, is your name up there on the masthead? Oh wait no it isn’t.

I love Tina Fey. Love her. Not in a weird or creepy way, I just admire her work. OK, in kind of a creepy way. I mean, just in a misdemeanor trespassing way, not a felony kidnapping way. A crowded-elevator hair-sniffer way, not a subway-groper way.

But I’m getting way off the point.

The way I’m going to justify this post is that apparently Fey is a Disney fan. She seems to go to Walt Disney World quite a bit, and there have been scads of Disney references on 30 Rock lately. She’s good people. She even did voice-over work of Disney’s stateside release of Miyazaki’s Ponyo.

So what do you know – this is on-topic.

So happy birthday Tina, and as a present for the rest of us – here’s a bunch of pictures of Tina at Disney World!

Tina Fey and husband Jeff Richmond ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

That’s Fey with her husband Jeff Richmond. Richmond is a really talented composer whom I respect a great deal, but for my own purposes I refer to him as “that effin’ guy.” Nothing personal.

Tina, that effin’ guy, and their daughter Alice with Snow White at Walt Disney World
Alice, Tina, and Snow
I never expected that so much of my life would be spent in envy of cartoon dogs…
Somewhere deep in my subconscious, this is happening right now. And yeah, I cropped John Stamos out of this picture. Wanna make something of it?

I’ll point out that a few of these pictures were taken within a day of my trip to the Magic Kingdom in March. Missed it by that much.

I’ll also point out that if Ms. Fey is indeed a Disney fan, there’s a one-in-a-billion chance that she or someone she knows will come across this blog. I mean, just sayin’. Blurg.

Happy Birthday, Lemon!

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11 comments to It’s Tina Fey’s Birthday!

  • DB

    Isn’t “I want to go to there” of 30 Rock fame what sweet, adorable, wise Alice Richmond said when when her hot mama was looking at the Disney website?

    I missed the Fey-Richmonds at WDW by thismuch last March, so I feel your pain.

  • HA! I was unaware of that, if true! What discriminating taste for one so young. And wonderfully ironic and apropos, considering that I’ve adopted it as my de facto retort to people posting pictures of their Biergarten lunches and Boma dinners on Twitter.

    And, if in the far-flung future, young Alice should happen to chance upon this site, I assure you that I was just kidding about stalking your mom. Almost completely totally kidding.

  • Celeste C.

    Alice looks like she was plucked straight out of the 1920’s. She has that kind of old school face that seems to have mostly evolved away. Weird how that happens.

  • I met Tina at one of the after parties for the Saturday Night Live. My good friend is a writer on SNL. (He and his bf are also big WDW fans). She had just given birth to her daughter and was back for her first episode post baby. I told her in so many words how funny she makes the show. She was nice.
    She just celebrated her birthday here in NYC last night. Got some details on that too but can’t share everything. :)

  • Oh so! So my mastermind strategy begins to pay off… now, just be sure and circulate this link to all those folks you know in NYC… closer and closer… :)

    Celeste: Alice does have that sort of moppet-of-yore look about her. In fact, she vaguely reminds me of Alice Davis. Which is either a coincidence, or makes Tina the most prescient and die-hard Disney fan ever.

  • My good friend is her good friend. He was with her last night. I don’t think you can get closer than that.

  • So, what you’re basically saying is that we’re reaching the juncture when I’m going to wake up in the middle of the night and regret sounding like a borderline psychotic in a blog post showing pictures of her on vacation with her family? Tale as old as time, I suppose – every time I have a favorite television show I simply have to get a restraining order from its creator. I still have to have my lawyer notify Joss Whedon whenever I move to a new town.

    Maybe I can play it off and tell her it was all a ruse to use her to get to Jack McBrayer.

  • But… just in case… I will point out that while I am not an astronaut, I totally did go to Space Camp.

    One last bit of goofiness from me: A few weeks ago, I was writing something about the film “Some Like It Hot” and I did a search to get an image of Marilyn Monroe from the film. At the bottom of the search page, where it does the “People have searched for Marilyn Monroe have also searched for…” thing, the suggested searches were Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and… Tina Fey. I wish I’d taken a screenshot. I thought about printing it out and mailing it to 30 Rock’s production company just so she could see it haha…

  • Lol, I have to admit I thought it was great when I saw the pic of Tina with Goofy. Yes, another Disney fan! I mentioned it to my friend and he said yeah, she likes Disney.
    I don’t think she is trolling around Disney blogs though so I think you are safe for now. No need to contact your lawyer just yet.
    Some Like It Hot was on AMC last week. I watched a little bit of it for the first time in many years. Are you a writer professionally or do you have another blog?

  • HA.. I figured she probably wasn’t up all night scouring the web; I have several friends with young kids and I know how ridiculously busy they are – and they aren’t major celebrities on the side like TF is.

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