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Hellloooooooooooooooo Laaaadieesssss…..

Tonight, on a very special Imagineering After Dark…

“Relaxing for a moment on the huge model of EPCOT at WED Enterprises in Burbank, California, are vice-presidents Marty Sklar (left) and John Hench. WED “imagineers” are paid to tinker with the mechanics of fantasy in order to create the future according to Disney.”

Boom chicka wah wah…

“Hey baby, wanna tinker with the mechanics of fantasy?”

Those sly guys from Glendale… I think half the creative problems WDI faces today could be solved by more polyester and larger lapels.

Notes for EPCOT nerds: This is from 1980. Note the different design for The Seas (the earlier version had a large dome on the top) and all the extra add-ons to Communicore that would never be built. In World Showcase we have Mexico, Germany, Italy, America, Japan, France, and the U.K. – they’re all in the proper place and look pretty much exactly as they were built.

Now if only Yale Gracey had built a clapper that would make a disco ball come down from the ceiling and a Barry White album start playing.

And now, Mr. June – Claude Coates!

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