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A Juicy Picture

“Martha, do these shorts sufficiently hide my thunder?”

From the “I just liked this picture” file, here’s the juice stand in Disneyland’s Adventureland in 1980. Look at those wild patterns! Fantastic. Everything looks like Donald getting sucked into the sound waves in The Three Caballeros.

This pleasant little oasis was called, rather amazingly, and I’m not making this up, “Sunkist, I Presume.” Sponsored by Sunkist (wouldn’t it be funny if it weren’t?). The original Sunkist location in Disneyland, the Citrus House on Main Street U.S.A, had opened in August of 1960; two years later, according to Disney, “a cute thatched offspring of this successful union appeared in the darkest jungle of Adventureland.”

And what liquid delights awaited the thirsty bwana! The “specialty of the hut” was the Jungle Julep, a blended beverage made of orange, lemon, guava and grenadine. It certainly sounds good to me; no wonder “explorers who braved the underwater creatures and shadowy dangers of the ‘Jungle Cruise’ came for cool, liquid relief for throats made dry with apprehension!”

Hungry? “For those who require more substantial nourishment than juices, there are frozen yogurt and juice bars, lemon tarts, hot dogs, sandwiches, coffee and donuts that are different.”

Allow me to say that “donuts that are different” is now my favorite saying, and it should be the title of an album. What a cryptic thing to say! How are they different? I assume in a good way, but it’s still rather vague. It’s so offhanded but loaded with hidden meaning. Why would you say that? Donuts that are different. It could be this generation’s “horse of a different color”.

Guests would return to this “cool and welcome respite” until 1990, when “Sunkist, I Presume” would be converted to the Bengal BBQ. So the next time you’re having a skewer of meat in Adventureland, think of the Jungle Juleps of yore, and those donuts which were just… different.

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