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Music To Eat Fried Ice Cream By…

“George Morrow, Jimmy Allen and Mel Glass join together to perform nightly at our Golf Resort Hotel’s Trophy Room as the Dixie Deltas.”

Our Golf Resort Hotel recently added a dance floor in the Trophy Room to make evening dining more entertaining. And performing nightly for your dancing pleasure is our own Dixie Deltas.

The group originally formed over two years ago out at Disneyland, coming to Florida to perform on our Admiral Joe Fowler and at the Golf Resort. With the opening of our Empress Lilly Riverboat, the Dixie Deltas joined the other entertainers at the Baton Rouge Lounge. But now they’re back at the Golf Resort with strolling music from 6 pm to 9 pm nightly and dancing music from 9pm to midnight. The Trophy Room serves an Italian menu from 5 pm to 10 pm with a fondue and dessert menu from 10 pm to midnight for our guests’ dining pleasure.

- Eyes and Ears, September 15th, 1978

Sounds pretty swanky, eh? Strolling music from six to nine? Fondue and dessert from ten ’til midnight?

There were obviously some pretty horrible aspects to having to live in the 1970s, but at least people had things like fondue and strolling music to get them through it…

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1 comment to Music To Eat Fried Ice Cream By…

  • Celeste C.

    I looooovvve the idea of strolling music…especially while eating exclusive peach garnished fried ice cream. Driving down to WDW, Jacksonville has a “beautiful music” station that plays 60’s/70’s era cocktail hour favorites. It’s my must listen!

    And ya never know, Clinkers=early inspiration for living character initiative? The first untethered animatronics! (and OMG why were they fishing with wood??)

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