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The first major element constituting a net addition to the Florida economy is the investment required to establish Disneyworld as a major tourist attraction. The total construction expenditure needed to develop all facilities supporting the basic economic activities at Disneyworld is estimated to be in excess of $620 million during the first 15 years of construction and operation. This includes the cost of developing the theme park, EPCOT’s commercial, community, and administrative facilities, necessary tourist accommodations, a transportation complex, and industrial facilities. This investment is, in effect, the basic catalyst for all aspects of economic impact.

Since many of the planned facilities will be unique in concept and design, the construction cost estimates are necessarily preliminary. Still, it is quite evident that an expenditure of this size, even over a period of 10 to 15 years, will have an important impact on the statewide construction labor market and on local and statewide suppliers of materials and equipment.

- Economic Research Associates, 1967

Ya think?

To put that $625 million estimate in perspective, EPCOT Center itself is conservatively estimated to have cost $1.2 billion.

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