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The Disney Difference…

Stay classy!

Spotted between Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain on March 14th, 2010.

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9 comments to The Disney Difference…

  • [ this is jerry ]

    It’s like a little slice of the Jersey Shore right in the heart of Florida.

  • WC

    Looks like something from the carnival at a local strip shopping center. But, as I recall, Big Thunder was out of order too that night. And the cast members giving that information were about like the sign. The striking thing about this picture, however, is the price of whatever they’re selling. 51 cents?

  • RO93461

    By the looks of things, maybe a more appropriate place for that sign would be the Main Entrance turnstiles? Hard to believe.

    They used to have these tastefully designed little “sheepish Mickey” cards that say “Sorry, out of order” that you would post on the coin slot. It was not a billboard. So even that situation was handled in a classy and professional way. This is a training issue for sure. Details are so important and are the foundation of what Disney has always been. It seems like a knitpick, but it’s not. This image says volumes. I guess no one remembers that people actually save all year to come and see this stuff.

  • HA… Yes, very Jersey Shore, and maybe I should have slipped it out by the turnstiles.

    RO: You’re so right that this is a training issue. Even if there wasn’t a policy in place (which there should be, and there probably is), or even if they were out of signs (like the kind you mention, which they should still have), even if they really had to slap this up there temporarily – there’s the matter of the tone. It’s oddly hostile. I remember recently reading some CM training materials from years ago that talked about the importance of word choice. Things like “technical difficulties” instead of “broken”, or, I would assume, anything but DO NOT USE. But sure, cut down Traditions from three days to a long lunch… who’ll notice the difference? At least they were committed in their use of scotch tape haha…

    Even if this was just a bad night for someone, which happens, it’s still the details that matter and create the final impression on guests. I’m glad to hear someone else say that. It really stuck out and grabbed my attention, but I’ll admit that at the time I really just had to laugh. It’s like someone snuck in from Universal and was subtly trying to sabotage the park hehe

    WC: I thought the exact same thing, but realized it’s a penny press, so the extra 1 cent is the penny that gets stamped. And you’re right… it was a rough night at BTMRR…

  • Kurt

    I wonder if maybe this could have been posted by a guest who had tried to use the machine and found it to be having “technical difficulties” ;)
    I know that is a long shot, but I am always trying to give the benefit of doubt.

    My wife and I are both former cast members and when we see stuff like this we just
    cringe. We like to think that would not of happened when we were there.

    By the way I love coming to your site and reading all your posts. Fantastic.

  • Thanks, Kurt!

    I had the same thought about giving the “benefit of the doubt” and thinking that some ripped-off guest put it up when the machine took their change. But then I figured a random guest probably wouldn’t have loose-leaf paper, markers, and a ton of scotch tape either :)

  • Kurt

    Michael you are more than likely right, but these days people with their backpacks you just never know what they are carrying.
    Actually when my family goes to the parks we usually take a backpack with all sorts
    of stuff to keep the kids entertained while we wait in line.
    Although that doesn’t usually include tape. lol.

    I just really shudder at the thought of a cast member posting that. I guess I am in

  • Another Voice

    Guests can’t bother to put their turkey leg wrappers in a trash can three steps from their bench, but they have the desire to create and post a sign warning others not to waste fifty-one cents in a vending machine?

    Or even worse, no cast member bothered to remove it and place a “proper” sign?

  • WC: $0.50 to run the machine, $0.01 for the souvenir squashed penny!

    I like to believe that the sign was temporary until someone from maintenance brought a proper one over.

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